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Acting in Shakespeare
Acting In Shakespeare
This newly revised and expanded second edition of Cohen’s distinguished work on Shakespearean acting (2005) is available in an inexpensive paperback...

Acting One/Acting Two
Acting One/Acting Two
McGraw-Hill, 2008 This is the fifth edition of Cohen’s Acting One (which is also available separately) is combined with the second, fully revised...

Acting Professionally
Acting Professionally
Palgrave Macmillan, 2009 Now in its seventh, completely revised edition, and co-authored with distinguished casting director James Calleri. Regarded...

Acting Power: the 21st Century Edition
Acting Power
“If you have to/need to read a book about acting, here it is, all of it. Study it, know it.” --Sir Patrick Stewart ‘Robert Cohen’s book, Acting...

Working Together in Theatre
Working Together in Theatre
Robert Cohen draws on fifty years of acting, directing and teaching experience in order to illustrate how the world's great theatre artists combine collaboration...

Robert Cohen's Theatre - 10th Edition
Tenth Edition McGraw-Hill, 2013 The newest edition of Cohen’s best-selling introduction to theatre: its nature, history and practical components...

Machiavelli: the art of Terror
Machiavelli: the art of Terror
New play by Robert Cohen (Formerly “The Prince”) The play (under the title The Prince) premiered at the California Repertory Theatre in Long Beach...

Eight Plays for Theatre
Eight Plays for Theatre
Eight representative plays from the Greeks to the present, six of which are used as historical models in Cohen’s Theatre Sophocles, Oedipus Tyrannos...

Theatre, Brief Edition
Robert Cohen's Theatre Brief - 10th Edition
Tenth Edition McGraw-Hill, 2013 A condensation of the full version of Cohen's best-selling Theatre, which includes all of its chapters on theatrical...

Giraudoux: Three Faces of Destiny
Giraudoux Three Faces Destiny
A scholarly analysis of the plays of French dramatist Jean Giraudoux. University of Chicago Press, 1968. "Professor Cohen brings to his analysis of...

More Power to You
More Power to You
A collection of Robert Cohen’s most important essays on theatre from 1959 to 2000. Also published in Romanian. Table of Contents ON PLAYING “Tears...

The Misanthrope
The Misanthrope
By Molière, translated and directed by Robert Cohen A rhyming translation set in the play’s time (1666) but with a contemporary energy; staged at...


Founding Chair of Drama at the University of California at Irvine, Robert Cohen now holds that campus’ title of Claire Trevor Professor. He is, in roughly equal measure, a director, playwright, translator, drama critic, acting theorist and acting teacher, but is most widely known as the author of a dozen-plus books and three dozen-plus articles on acting, directing and theatre — including Acting One, for the last two decades the best-selling acting text in the United States.

Born in Washington DC in 1938, Cohen took his
undergraduate studies at Dartmouth College
and UC Berkeley, receiving his Doctor of
Fine Arts from the Yale School of Drama
in 1965, at which point he joined
the charter faculty of the newly-
founded Irvine campus.
Now in his 50th year
on this faculty…

Robert Cohen teaching, UCI, Feb. 2007

Photography by Laurencine Lot


Cohen’s Acting Power: the 21st Century Edition, a wholesale revision of his Acting Power written more than 35 years ago, was published by Routledge Press in February, 2013.

The tenth editions of his Theatre and Theatre: Brief Edition – which include over a hundred new photographs of contemporary theatre productions and many new essays and artist biographies, came out with McGraw-Hill, also in 2013.

And in the summer of 2014, Cohen’s new professional memoir, Falling Into Theatre – and finding myself, will be published by Fithian Press, and available from them and online book sites around the country.

Robert Cohen Teaching, UCI, Feb. 2007