Acting One

Acting One Robert Cohen

McGraw-Hill, 2008 Acting One was initially published by Cohen in 1984 to provide a step-by-step approach to mastering the basic fundamentals of acting – those originally explored in his 1978 Acting Power. In 1994, two independent dissertation surveys found that this text was, by that time, the most frequently assigned acting book in the United  …  Read More »

Acting One/Acting Two

This fifth edition of Cohen’s first and second acting books – now combined – was acknowledged in two unrelated 20th century college dissertations as the best-selling acting textbook in America…

Acting Professionally

Palgrave Macmillan, 2009 Now in its eighth, completely revised edition in 2017, and co-authored with distinguished casting director James Calleri. Regarded since 1972 as the “bible” of guides to the American acting profession in all media. Review Excerpts “A must for those who want to understand the biz.” —Theatre Week. “Clearly put information and practical  …  Read More »

Acting in Shakespeare

This newly revised and expanded second edition of Cohen’s distinguished work on Shakespearean acting (2005) is available in an inexpensive paperback with Smith and Kraus. Review Excerpts “Cohen’s analyses… are perceptive and well articulated… [showing] actors that [Shakespearean] language is not merely decorative, but something that grows out of a psychological urgency… . By book’s  …  Read More »


Eleventh Edition McGraw-Hill 2016 The newest edition of Cohen’s best-selling introduction to theatre: its nature, history and practical components (acting, directing, playwriting, design, criticism). Also published in abridged form as Theatre: Brief Edition Review Excerpt “Professor Cohen is a phenomenon as rare in the United States as Europe: the author of several books on theatre  …  Read More »

Theatre, Brief Edition

Tenth Edition McGraw-Hill, 2013 A condensation of the full version of Cohen’s best-selling Theatre, which includes all of its chapters on theatrical craft (acting, directing, playwriting, design, criticism), plus those on music theatre, “what is theatre?” and “what is a play,” but compresses the larger edition’s seven chapters on theatre history into two chapters: “Theatre  …  Read More »