Recent Productions


Australian premiere of Eric Bogosian’s play, directed by Robert Cohen at the Academy of Arts, Brisbane, 1996 Review Excerpts “STUDENTS ACT WITH PASSION. Thanks to visiting American director Robert Cohen’s keen insights and expert handling of suspense – and the relish with which his actors attack their roles – this student production offers a powerful  …  Read More »


directed by Robert Cohen, with Donald McKayle, choreographer; Dennis Castellano, musical director This was a reconsidered production of the famous musical, drawing heavily from the source play, Lynn Riggs’ Green Grow the Lilacs, and the director’s notion that Oklahoma! was in large measure a serious American folk opera. Jud’s aria, not often performed, became a  …  Read More »

My Fair Lady

directed by Robert Cohen, with Donald McKayle, choreographer; Dennis Castellano, musical director A production based on the notion that, despite Shaw’s caustic disclaimers, Pygmalion is in fact a love story and so, therefore, is My Fair Lady. Review Excerpts “a magnificent staging of the hit Broadway musical… all the elements fell blissfully into place and  …  Read More »


Performed by the Transversal Theatre Company at UC Irvine, the Romanian National Theatre of Cluj and the Sibiu (Romania) International Theatre Festival May-June 2006 This production of a world premiere of a play by Bryan Reynolds received high acclaim in all three locales and a standing ovation at its final performance at the Sibiu Festival.  …  Read More »

Eve’s Rapture

by Bryan Reynolds Hayworth Theatre, Los Angeles 2009 Review Excerpts “Video-game delicious. Kendra Smith is a lovely, lanky Eve, Chris Marshall is a hot Satan, Martin Swoverland and Helen Sage Howard do super turns as armed archangels and the devil’s deadly minions [and] Robert Cohen directs the hell out of the proceedings.” —Back Stage “GO!  …  Read More »

The Castle of Perseverance

The medieval play, directed by Robert Cohen; text adaptation by Edgar Schell Review Excerpts “A lively and innovative theatre experience… the play leapt to life. Director Robert Cohen, a veteran of professional stages and Shakespeare festivals throughout America, led us fluently through the sequential destinations of Mankind’s pilgrimage… The Sins’ energetic antics …delighted the audience  …  Read More »