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The School for Wives

by Molière, translated by Ranjit Bolt
directed by Robert Cohen
at the Utah Shakespearean Festival
Summer 2008

Review Excerpts

“Director Cohen finds the right tone for all this inspired nonsense, achieving a breezy, Commedia dell’arte feel, while still allowing enough reality to get us emotionally involved in the story. You just can’t not laugh.” Rating: ‘A’ —Las Vegas Review Journal

“Can a play written in 1662 still resonate with today’s audience to the point that some are forced to yell out? Well, yes. It was one of my favorites of the festival, and the audience agreed — laughing at the lines and situations and giving a hearty standing ovation at curtain call.” —Deseret News

“The pleasure of the production is that ironic space between Arnolphe’s theories and the awareness of the audience, who greeted each absurd proclamation with glee in director Robert Cohen’s sparkling Utah Shakespearean Festival production. As I watched the hilarity, I kept thinking of how successfully it seemed that Molière’s comedic bombs had been lobbed through the centuries.” —Salt Lake Tribune

“Anyone who has an appreciation of lively wordplay and broad satire will enjoy Molière’s feisty and surprisingly unsparing transposition to the stage of circumstances in his own life. It’s a joy to watch.” —Provo Daily Herald

”A straight-up door-slamming, love-scheming farce. Director Robert Cohen has Americanized a translation of the script and added some twists of his own, and Molière’s tale of the attempts to redirect young lust is a favorite at the fest.” —Las Vegas Weekly

“Robert Cohen has directed this piece of French fluff for every laugh he could get, and it works.” —Logan Herald-Journal

“Molière will leave you in stitches this year at the Utah Shakespearean Festival. The School for Wives opens with a laugh and barely lets up through the entire performance. Director Robert Cohen also made the brilliant decision to include a handful of purely physical scenes acted out to manic harpsichord music.” —The Spectrum and Daily News

“A traditional but nuanced, interpretation under Robert Cohen’s direction. Jo Winiarski’s elegant set and chandeliers do an excellent job; acting by all cast members is superb.” Rating: **** (highest) —Las Vegas Review

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