Acting Professionally – 8th Edition

Acting Professionally, 8th Edition, published in the Fall of 2017. It’s cited as the leading book in its field since its first (1972) edition, and is reviewed by Stacy Keach as a “brilliant and all-encompassing guide for the actor, with invaluable assets and insights; a magnetic compass guiding us into the light,” and, from Davi Napoleon in Theatre Week as “a must for those who want to understand the biz.”

Review Excerpts for this 2017 edition:

“Robert Cohen is a teacher and writer about theatre with great insight and sensitivity. Any student of performance would benefit deeply by reading and
listening to him — Sir Patrick Stewart, Actor

“Thank you, Robert Cohen and James Calleri, for this brilliant and all-encompasing guide for the actor. It provides us with invaluable assets and insights, giving actors a clear perspective of the professional world, and the ups and downs that lie before them. An essential component, a magnetic compass guiding us into the light.” Stacy Keach, Actor

“Acting Professionally tells it like it is. It pulls no punches in how to work in our crazy profession. It is a must-have for any young actor today.” Nina Arianda, Actress

“This is an essential handbook for anyone interested in a career in acting.” Alan Nusbaum, Founder and CEO of TVI Actors Studio

Review Excerpts for previous editions:

“A must for those who want to understand the biz.” —Theatre Week.

“Clearly put information and practical advice… an excellent guide to the business of acting professionally in the United States.” —Hollywood Reporter

“The much-praised book is as successful and valuable as ever… Fully exposes the aspiring actor to the ‘raw facts’ of the business.” —Theatre Journal

“…differs from other texts on the market as it provides the most current statistics and information covering every aspect of the profession… an invaluably honest description of the business behind the show.” —Back Stage West

“This is the book that every mother should stick in her son’s or daughter’s bag next to the chocolate chip cookies as she packs them off from Fort Wayne on their way to the wicked city – on either coast – to be an actor (or just off to college to major in the arts.”–1995 Regional Theatre Directory

“Quite simply the best guide I’ve read for the stage struck hopeful who wants to turn pro., —1999 Regional Theatre Directory

“The most straightforward, accurate, and honest description of what the acting business is like in the United States and what it takes to break into it. An absolute must…” —An Audition Handbook for Student Actors

“An invaluable labor. Cohen’s tone is tough but strangely conspiratorial with the reader, and may well send a wave of young actors into show business at once resolved and cynical, principled and skeptical, and it is hard to imagine, for an aspirant to this dreadful trade, a better state of mind than that.” —Yale Theatre

“…answers all those questions which the acting major asks as graduation looms and he is about to be expelled from the cozy womb of university theatre.” —Educational Theatre Journal

“A magnificent service both to aspiring actors and to the theatre.” —Dartmouth Alumni Magazine

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