FALLING INTO THEATRE…and finding myself

Fithian Press, 2014

Robert Cohen’s vastly entertaining memoir of his unexpected “fall” into the world of theatre is the story of his sixteen “lucky breaks” that turned him away from an intended career as a lawyer and sent him instead into a life-long adventure as a professional actor, director, producer, playwright, author, scholar, translator, stage manager, lighting designer, fifty-year-long drama professor and worldwide theatre critic. Professor Cohen never planned for a life in the theater; rather, he fell into it by an extraordinary series of rare – but truly delightful – accidents.

External comments on the book:

“Robert Cohen’s Falling Into Theatre is a must-read for all lovers of theatre. Personal and engaging, Dr. Cohen’s reflections on his life as both artist and educator provide the reader with a special journey, a virtual history tour of the American theatre for the past fifty years. His personal experiences are a constant reminder of how love and passion for theatre continue to inspire us and enrich our lives.”
— Broadway and film actor Stacy Keach

“A humbling and revealing look into Cohen’s personal and professional inspirations. No wonder he has trained more successful theatre artists than just about anyone in recent history.”
David Ivers, Artistic Director, Utah Shakespeare Festival

“Wonderful book!  It goes from wonderful to fabulous to incredible.  I loved every page of it—all done with polish and delightful humor.”
Leonard Pronko, Professor of Theatre, Pomona College

“Robert Cohen probably knows more about theories of acting than anyone else in the world, not only having written the leading books on the subject, but also having developed his own method, which is among the most studied anywhere.”
Bryan Reynolds, Chancellor’s Professor of Drama, University of California, Irvine

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