More Power to You

More Power to You

A collection of Robert Cohen’s most important essays on theatre from 1959 to 2000. Also published in Romanian.

Table of Contents

“Tears (And Acting) in Shakespeare”
“Dragging Carcasses to the Firepit: Acting Theory, Practice, and Pedagogy”
“The English Secret”
“Intro/Extrospective Analysis”
“Answers to Questions”
“From Middle to Modern Ages”
“Putting a Tree in a Box” (on work with Grotowski)
“Patty Hearst: an Actress Identifying With a Part”
“Spoken Dialogue in Written Drama,”

“Shakespeare’s Sixteen Year Old Hamlet”
“Coming of Age in Elsinore”
“Golden Opinions, Sound and Fury”
“Quince’s Moon: Reconfiguring Reality in A Midsummer Night’s Dream”
“Oedipus and the Absurd Life”
“Weil’s God and Beckett’s Godot,”
“On translating The Bourgeois Gentleman”
“Some Doctors in Spite of Themselves”
“Rude Awakenening”

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