Shakespeare on Theatre


Routledge Press, 2015

“In Shakespeare on Theatre, master acting teacher Robert Cohen brilliantly scrutinizes Shakespeare’s implicit theories of acting, paying close attention to the plays themselves and providing a wealth of fascinating historical evidence. What he finds will surprise scholars and actors alike.”

Quotations from each of the six anonymous reviewers of the manuscript, as solicited by Routledge Press:

“…a joy to read: clear, thoughtful, argumentative when appropriate, fiercely committed to its subject matter, brimming with insight, deeply fluent with the whole Shakespeare canon. …I don’t think anything like this book exists.”

“…Written in a lively and very direct style, the book is pitched at a wide audience that is not limited to academics or scholars, [but] could be marketed to professional theatre workers – actors and directors – as well as undergraduate and graduate students”

“… argues his points very well and makes extensive investigative methods, methodically backing up his arguments with well-turned phrases.”

“…would make a terrific textbook in any acting Shakespeare class…”

“…an eloquent exposition,… coherent, well-paced and logical. …While there are a plethora of books on this perennially engaging subject, can we do with another one? Definitely! Especially when it has a case as urgently and lucidly put as this.”

“…highlights the interests of theatre practitioners and students of performance; is well conceived, straightforward, clearly presented, and the examples are numerous and helpful.”

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