Theatre, Brief Edition

Tenth Edition
McGraw-Hill, 2013

A condensation of the full version of Cohen’s best-selling Theatre, which includes all of its chapters on theatrical craft (acting, directing, playwriting, design, criticism), plus those on music theatre, “what is theatre?” and “what is a play,” but compresses the larger edition’s seven chapters on theatre history into two chapters: “Theatre Traditions: East and West,” and “The Modern Theatre.”

Review Excerpt

“Professor Cohen is a phenomenon as rare in the United States as Europe: the author of several books on theatre but also a professional director whose Shakespearean stagings have regularly been seen at the major festivals of Colorado and Utah. Cohen is therefore doubly competent to write on theatrical art, both as theoretician-historian and practitioner. Theatre, written in a very clear fashion and an elegant and compelling style,… makes for a document that should be found in every library.” —Revue d’histoire du theatre

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