Eve’s Rapture

Eve’s Rapture

by Bryan Reynolds
Hayworth Theatre, Los Angeles

Review Excerpts

“Video-game delicious. Kendra Smith is a lovely, lanky Eve, Chris Marshall is a hot Satan, Martin Swoverland and Helen Sage Howard do super turns as armed archangels and the devil’s deadly minions [and] Robert Cohen directs the hell out of the proceedings.” —Back Stage

“GO! [highest rating]. Part parable, part comic strip fable, part action drama, the play speaks powerfully to the unseen forces and symbols which dominate our lives. Marshall’s performance is one of understated mastery, Sage Howard sizzles. Robert Cohen directs. —LA Weekly

“To take one of the oldest tales out there and re-mix it into a Warchowski Brothers-style sci-fi action adventure complete with sex and violence, takes some serious edge. Director Robert Cohen’s fantastically-realized production takes the Old Testament and turns it completely inside out; you’ll most assuredly leave with a few new ideas in your head.” —Tolucan Times

“Under Robert Cohen’s steady direction, “Eve’s Rapture” is as polarizing and inflected as the second word of its title. Kendra Smith is fluid and mesmerizing as Eve; Ryan Welch is tender and visceral as Adam, and this troupe of actors makes the show their own with unanimously high-caliber performances. A challenging and wickedly erotic two-hours.” —Showmag

“A surprising twist on an ancient tale with a talented cast, spirited direction, and an imaginative set. Great entertainment for believers and non-believers!” —A&U Magazine

“A production that screams HIT! Robert Cohen directs what could have been a convoluted story into a masterpiece of ironies. —Boys Buzz (boysbuzz.net)

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