Australian premiere of Eric Bogosian’s play,
directed by Robert Cohen at the Academy of Arts, Brisbane, 1996

Review Excerpts

“STUDENTS ACT WITH PASSION. Thanks to visiting American director Robert Cohen’s keen insights and expert handling of suspense – and the relish with which his actors attack their roles – this student production offers a powerful night of theatre. Bogosian’s timely play works as pointed social comment and potent drama. There isn’t a single player who doesn’t act with distinction (and) the passion of the piece has a clear application in our own culture as well.” —Brisbane Courier-Mail

“DARKNESS AT THE EDGE OF DOOM. A production Cohen and the kids should be very proud of. The darkness of youthful disillusion underpins and energizes a colorful, maniacally energetic, often very funny and engaging piece of entertainment, [with] a heart-breaking lostness too familiar to ignore. The performances are universally strong, and Cohen makes shrewd use of the natural energies and passion of his young cast. …All in all, a compelling, truthful, enjoyable production which enlists rather than alienates: a remarkable achievement.” —Brisbane Time-Off

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