The Castle of Perseverance

The Castle of Perseverance

The medieval play, directed by Robert Cohen; text adaptation by Edgar Schell

Review Excerpts

“A lively and innovative theatre experience… the play leapt to life. Director Robert Cohen, a veteran of professional stages and Shakespeare festivals throughout America, led us fluently through the sequential destinations of Mankind’s pilgrimage… The Sins’ energetic antics …delighted the audience and kept the performance unflaggingly entertaining… [and] Cohen drew from his seven female undergraduates a glowing goodness and sincerity that proved irresistible. …not merely an outstanding production, but the birth of a new lease on life for a great play.” first of two reviewers, —Research Opportunities in Renaissance Drama

“Cohen’s direction brought out the strength of Schell’s script and gave the undergraduate cast a chance to shine. While the play never lost its grounding in the medieval moral tradition, the production illustrated the universality of that tradition… The cast was strong… delivering the occasionally complex verse with clarity and conviction. Other visual elements complemented the compression and power of the production as a whole. …This production had an economy, clarity and power that brought to twenty-first century life the considerable theatrical virtues of this fifteenth century play.” second reviewer, —Research Opportunities in Renaissance Drama

“Artistically intriguing, well-varied portrayals.” —OC Register

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