Twelfth Night

Twelfth Night

Colorado Shakespeare Festivals – 2005
A comedic production with new music by Jesse Manno

Review Excerpts

“CAST HAS A BALL WITH SHAKESPEARE’S BEST COMIC CHARACTERS One of the most entertaining comedies the Colorado Shakespeare Festival has staged in recent seasons. …Cohen, smartly, …allows Arthur Edward Chadwick’s simple and colorful scenic design, Janice Benning Lacek’s sleek costumes and Jesse Manno’s playful calypso score to create the island environment, …and most importantly elicits excellent performances from his cast. Led by Dennis Elkins’ and Matt Erickson’s delightfully audacious takes on the drunken Toby and dull-witted Andrew, the cast catches comic wave after comic wave, riding the crest without ever going over the top… . Tarrant’s Malvolio is a revelation… . Truhn and Phelan-Deconinck are commanding and combustible as the Duke and Olivia… . and Sarah Dandridge’s rendition [of Viola] is breathtaking…” —Boulder Camera

“I’ve been attending CSF performances for about a decade; this year’s top-seller, Twelfth Night, ranks at the very top. …Truly superb… shows off Shakespeare comic powers at their finest and the excellent CSF cast fully exploits the script’s multi-leveled verse.” —The Volokh Conspiracy.

“An entertaining evening filled with poetry and laughs… The production is delightful… the live calypso music is delicious… . and the reunion between Viola and her long-lost brother …enlists the audience’s heartfelt desire.” —

“A feast of misrule with topsy-turvy romances and intrigues… pulling out all the stops. A fast-paced romp.” —Reporter-Herald

“If one cannot make the trip to a tropical island this summer, Colorado Shakespeare Festival’s “Twelfth Night” will be a good substitute.” —Colorado Daily

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